• Sunday's Play

  • Point Of No Return

  • Tranquility

  • Old Rusty

    Realistic work with acrylic on baord

    Since 1995 when I focused on painting I started using oils and I am loving it.

    Over the years my styles and textures has changed according to demand and some sales abroad.

    I like to change my scenes and textures in line with my moods which leaves an emotion in my painting to be discovered.


    Popcorn Picker

    My Palladiums




    Fallen Angel

    Christopher's Thoughts

    Click on the question to see the answer.

    What is freedom?

    Freedom can only be achieved when one is able to make a choice, otherwise you will always be a slave to this world.

    What does a painting do?

    A painting talks to the blind through a touch, it gives words to the deaf and speaks the unspeakable.

    Is Art a language?

    Art is a language which can only be spoken within.

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