Imagination is an artist's biggest asset and sometimes the message has to be put into words for the reader can then create his own imaginary painting.


Sadness overload

 When I was young,
and yet so small,
I was in need
of a friend, so tall.
I did not have the courage,
for I am a child, in a
broken up marriage.

 I was torn apart
by parents being smart.
They did not think of me.
Their problems took them on their own spree.
I felt so alone, living
a life of my own.
 We’ve drifted further apart,
and never could make that start,
for it was too late.

My friend was left to his faith.
I never could understand
why this love was banned.
 Now that I am grown up
and have to shave,
the only place I can visit
my friend,
is his grave.


Believing you can achieve –
This is what dreams are made of.
Although life seems so unfair and tough,
the road can really become rough.
It should not just stay a dream.
Along the line you’ll loose your steam.

Let nobody stand in your way.
On your dreams they certainly will lay.
A dream can be so near and yet so far.
To achieve it, the road you are yet to tar.
As a child you did dream of having a car.
Today those dreams are achieved,
‘cause you have always believed.

What makes it different anyway?
Nobody can really block your way.
It might just take longer sometimes,
not as easy as making rhymes.
Start by working on it today.

In your head and dreams, it cannot stay.
Every dream must be an opportunity
to be turned into reality.

Why not try it, it could be your destiny?


Where I want to be

Go for your dreams!

Judgement Day


An expression of oneself,
for pleasure or for health.
Not seeking wealth.
It’s a window that you open,
not to see what’s broken.

It should be a fresh breath of air,
at art you should stare.
There’s a difference between production and promotion,
an artist relies on emotion.
Satisfaction my only strive,
that’s what makes a painting come alive.
Sharing that what comes from within,
every painting should be like spring.

Away from reality we move,
as if there’s something to prove.
The naked eye doesn’t tell no lie,
What suits you, you should buy.
The only one a painting talks to,
Is You !


Don’t let the sun go down
on the children, belonging
to the One, wearing the Crown.
Their basic needs are dependent
on our deeds.

God has told us that children
are worth more than gold.
By bringing relief, we could
help those unfortunate to belief.
What will their future be,
without the help from you and me?

A child without a home,
growing up alone,
their life being put on a line.
We left them no choice but crime.

We have to make the time
already being in our prime.
Giving help to the divine,
for the sun will also shine.
God will put everything in line.




Where can one start,
without lying or being smart.
These hands know when to pray,
to get dirty with oil or clay.

Haven’t they always paid the bills,
Even worked the firing mills.
The mouth speaks too much,
it’s the hands, that always get the dust.

They know how to greet and say goodbye,
something new they’ll always try.
It’s the biggest tool you’ll ever own.
Although they become hard as stone.
For these hands can tell where I’m coming from,
they know right from wrong.

Always used them for His glory,
even build a church in this story.
Keep them clean and treat them well,
for they picked me up when I fell.
Also fed people in need.
They are a blessing from God, indeed.


Think about this over a glass of wine.
Art is running through our veins.
Creating can be pleasure or pain.
Giving the world a part of me,
Wondering what do they really see.

It’s not about money or fame.
The desire that burns like a flame.
Pushing yourself to perfection,
Doing it section by section.
There’s no greater satisfaction,
to see others reaction.

For art can be debated, loved or hated.
Still it’s the one on the wall that’s
The greatest of all.
Each artwork has its place.
Yet to be found in this rat race.

Art will endure the test of time.
Maybe now, the time to shine.
Doing what you do best,
In God’s hand lies the rest.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


He Loves Me

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